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About Us

When your livelihood depends on a properly functioning well, it’s important to fix any problems as quickly and economically as possible. Swage Well Solutions specializes in custom well rehabilitation with options including downhole camera surveying, repairing damaged well casing, chemical and mechanical cleaning, and fishing services to remove obstructions, allowing us to repair damaged wells at a fraction of the cost and time of drilling a new well.

Established in 2014 as a division of DB&E, Swage Well Services was created to fill a hole in the well services industry in the Texas Panhandle and surrounding areas. Producers in the Texas Panhandle know that water is the cornerstone to any successful operation, and the need for reliable supplies of groundwater makes the ability to perform periodic maintenance and repairs on older wells just as important as our ability to drill a new well. Using specialized equipment, our skilled technicians can restore unusable or poorly performing wells to maximize your existing assets.

DB&E, our parent company, was established in 1947 in Dalhart, Texas. With over 60 years of water well experience and strong customer relations in an area where agriculture is the main industry, we know the needs of our customers and have the knowledge and equipment to deliver.