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Our Services

Camera Surveying

Camera surveys take the guesswork out of repairing your well. Our camera allows our operators to inspect the well casing top to bottom and pinpoint the exact depth and nature of the problem.


The hydraulic swage is the superstar of specialized downhole tools. Our swage tools have the power to reform broken or bent steel casing while being precise enough to work in screened sections. After a damaged well has been brought back to round, an inner liner is expanded into place, restoring structural stability and sealing off holes while retaining 99% of the original well diameter.

Well Cleaning

Over time, naturally occurring chemical and biological processes can leave deposits inside a well. These deposits can negatively affect your well through reduced output, higher pumping costs, and bacterial growth. Swage Well Solutions can restore well screens mechanically by brushing or surging, as well as chemically with water well safe chemicals such as AquaLuxus®. Swage Well Solutions is the panhandle's sole distributor of AquaLuxus®, a patented liquid well cleaning solution that improves water production, improves clarity, and mitigates microbial growth.

Fishing Services

Occasionally, something falls down the hole. When an otherwise functional well becomes unusable, Swage Well Solutions has the equipment to remove obstructions and get your well back on line.

Hydraulic Jacking

Stuck pipe? Casing removal? Swage Well Solutions will give you a lift with our powerful, 225 ton capacity hydraulic jacks.